INNOVEOX gets Charles Rosier as new Partner and TOTAL EP as first client - : Africa news, Maghreb news - The african daily newspaper

Innoveox gets charles rosier as new partner and total ep as first client - : africa news, maghreb news - the african daily newspaper

Employment opportunities

Academic Achievements that charles rosier Acquired

Charles Rosier ('s first Baccalaureate degree was equivalent to A-levels in the UK. Two years of additional classes were undertaken by Charles Rosier in order to prepare for more French qualifications. He became recognised as being an investment banker who had had lots of experience, especially in big organisations with whom he had held many positions.

Charles Rosier's Environmental Projects

There are a lot of contributions made by Charles Rosier to the environment, such as the development of energy and power sectors in poor countries. Promoting the proper usage of resources paired with awareness projects on pollution-free environment is essential to Innoveox because they envision creating a secure environment for all by lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Economical LED lanterns is a project of MPOWERD. These are being sent to poor countries to provide them with cost-effective energy solutions.

Charles Rosier’s Story

To prepare himself for ESCP Europe, Charles Rosier took additional classes at a private school known as Integrale. His interests include extreme sports, environmental activities, culture and studies. He didn’t settle for a single job but also took other positions in the industry while an investment banker.

Charles Rosier and His Passion for Culture

His support for a well known French female performer was a great example of his huge passion for culture and music. Charles Rosier has a passion for culture and music. This shows in the way he supports movies and singers. In 2006, Charles Rosier of their own accord supported a film created by a well known Italian screenwriter and director, which won a Silver Lion award at the Venice film festival.